New Equipment

There are many factors to consider when purchasing new equipment.  The team at National Lift and its family of companies can help determine the best way to purchase or lease your next piece of equipment.

Some of the primary items to consider are your operating environment, the usage over weeks/months/years, the type needed, along with the "how" to purchase (purchase, lease, rent, etc.)

Please look over our different manufacturers that we represent below, and scroll down further to learn to various reasons to do business with National Lift.

Why buy from the National Lift family of companies?

First and foremost, YOU are not a number.  YOU are not just another client.  YOU become part of our family, and we treat you as we would treat our own family.  We are not interested in selling YOU equipment.  We are directly interested in learning about your business, your challenges, and where the National companies can assist. 

If we have the opportunity to earn your business, you be greeted with a compasionate staff that will strive to give your the best service.  It doesn't matter which location you are near, we instill our Misson and Values with every staff member, and hope that we can be your long term partner.

Why buy new equipment?

Your business is ever evolving.  The argument for the purchase of new equipment can be many.  The main reasons depend on the most important factor that manage your business.  If you have a high demand, large enterprise that uses equipment most the day, everyday, then new equipment should be your first choice.  In this instance, you get upto date equipment, with premier warranties available, increased uptime, and less downtime.  Furthermore, the opportunity to finance or lease the equipment is easier and less expensive than financing preowned equipment.  A popular choice is to lease equipment, and only pay for the time you need the equipment, and just return the equipment at the end of the lease.

Some other factors are safety related.  The new equipment now available have the modern features that incorporate safety as a primary function.  Everything from anti-roll back, to operator presence systems, even lighting systems that make others aware of the equipment on your premises...all of these items ensure that your operators, your business, and you are in OSHA compliance of having safe equipment.

Because there are so many factors, its best to speak with one of our representatives to determine which is right for your business.  Click HERE to find your nearest location.